Friday, February 1, 2013

God is Good

Allie has her 10 month check-up today, 10 MONTHS!  She is, and will always be, a reminder to me of God's goodness.  While pregnant with her, I was certain she was a boy.  I already had two wonderful boys and so I just figured He would bless me with another.  Yet, prior to becoming pregnant I had cried out to Him on several different occasions asking Him for the desire of my heart...a girl.  At 12:09 am Easter morning He granted me my heart's desire.  I was completely and utterly overcome with gratitude and for days marveled at His goodness to me.

There is no mistaking it, God is good.  And not just when He gives us our heart's desire, but in everything.  
My motto:  Bottle-Up those moments when we taste and see that He is good.  And when circumstances come that cause us to question His goodness,  we open the "bottle" and are reminded.

Let's pray today that our children will taste and see of God's goodness AND that they will remember.

Lord, You are good to ALL.  Give my children the opportunity and wisdom to TASTE and SEE that You are good.  Then, help them to remember when times are tough. 
[Psalm 34:8; Psalm 145:9]  

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