Monday, February 4, 2013

God's Comfort

About three weeks ago, Grayden had the flu so to get out of the house I took Cole to the store.  We ended up coming home with a pet fish.  He was a bright, yellow little guy so Cole named him Sunny.  Cole was excited to show Grayden and we were hoping it would cheer him up. 
We had three wonderful weeks with Sunny.  He stayed in the boys' room and the tank served as their bedtime nightlight.  They introduced him to everyone who came to visit.  They prayed he would survive every night.   

We lost our friend Sunny this weekend.  Ironically enough, Grayden had the flu again the same day Sunny passed.

Cole took it the hardest.  He crawled in my lap and cried.

As I comfort my son, I am reminded that we serve the God of all Comfort who gives us comfort in our troubles. 
In the grand scheme of life, losing a $2 fish can hardly be called a trouble.  But for a 3 year old, it IS. 
My prayer is that Cole receives God's comfort today and, as Scripture says, will someday soon have the opportunity to use the comfort He received in THIS trouble to comfort someone else in THEIR trouble.

Join me today as I pray the following:

Father of compassion, YOU are the God of all comfort. No matter what troubles my children face, will they see and feel your comfort.  AND then will You show them how Your comfort serves a second purpose in comforting others.  No matter what age they are or what trouble they face, give them opportunity to comfort others with the comfort they received from You.  --2 Corinthians 1:3-4


  1. Renee, this is great and even though my kids are grown, I still like to pray for them and will try and include a whole host of other children in my life! The fish story reminds me of several attempts we made at having pet fish. One that died we put in a jar and buried in the back yard. A friend was over and her daughter and Andrea were playing outside when I discovered they had dug up the jar. Andrea wanted to show her! From then on they got flushed down the toilet with a little farewell ceremony. Thanks for taking the everyday things of life and making a connection to teaching your kids about God! I love reading this blog!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!!! Yes! I grew up watching the Cosby episode where they had a ceremony flushing Rudy's fish down the toilet. But..Cole was completely terrified of doing this. We asked him if that is what he wanted to do with Sunny and he was adamant he didn't go down the toilet. Instead, he wanted to put him in the trash and let his beloved Garbage Truck take him away. :)