Friday, February 15, 2013

Rejoicing with Others

We went to an indoor recreation play space yesterday morning and the boys spent most of their time Ballin'! 
There is a lot of basketball watching and playing in our house these days.  The boys practice defense like Craft and three pointers like Thomas...for those of you who are OSU fans you know what I'm talking about. 
I rather enjoyed watching them but I was struck by Cole's strong desire that I see and celebrate all the great three-year old successes he was having.

"Mom!  I made it!  Did you see it?"
"Mom!  Look at me, look at me dribble!"
"Mom!  I'm getting better.  See, I can shoot it in the hoop."

Our kids just love showing us the new things they learn to do.  Like me, I'm sure you experience this quite often.  Your kids run up to you jumping and yelling about something "great" they've done like going potty, zipping their coat up, reading their first word, finishing a puzzle, drawing a picture, getting an "A" on their paper, winning the game, and even finishing their vegetables!  No matter what the success, they look to us to join in their celebration.  And we very willingly do.

However, there are many life situations where this isn't as easy to do and we don't find ourselves as willing.  Here's the unfortunate reality:  There is something in our fallen human nature that makes it extremely difficult to be glad when other people succeed.  It is far easier to envy others when they experience success than it is to rejoice with them. But God calls us to take joy in another's success and to rejoice with them. 

"Rejoice with those who rejoice." 
Romans 12:15

The implication here is that it isn't enough to simply smile at them and say, "Good job!"  The Greek word for rejoice here is a verb.  Thus, we are called to join in their rejoicing.  We are called to be actively and demonstratively glad for them.
My heart is that my children would also learn to rejoice with others. Starting with their parents and siblings and moving on to their friends and coworkers. 

Join me today and let's pray:

Lord, help me to genuinely rejoice WITH my children as they experience successes in life.  May my actions demonstrate to them the value of rejoicing with others.  Protect their hearts from envying the success of others.  Soften their hearts to others sucesses and give them the strength to actively and demonstratively REJOICE with those who are rejoicing!
Romans 12:15

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