Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sincere Love

Romans 12:9

A facet of sincerity is the willingness and ability to rejoice with those who are rejoicing. Romans 12:15

Both adults and children alike have trouble rejoicing with others.  So often our first response when we see another rejoicing in a blessing or success is not sincerity.  Rather, one of the following usually rears its ugly head:

1.  Critical Spirit:  We tear it down or explain it away
2.  Jealousy:  We want it.  Bitter competition unfolds.
3.  Selfish Heart:  We can't see past our OWN nose.  Frankly, we could care less for them. 
Unfortunately, I see these responses in my children quite often.  It should not come as a shock, however, given that our sinful nature breeds insincere love.
So, what does it look and sound like to sincerely rejoice with those who are rejoicing? 
It looks genuine and it probably sounds like this:
1.  "That's fantastic." 
2.  "I'm praising God for you."
3.  "Tell me about it."

Let's pray this over our children today:

Lord, show them how to love sincerely.  Teach them what it looks like to rejoice with those who rejoice.  May critical spirits, jealousy, or selfish hearts not get in the way of their ability to show others sincere love. 
Romans 12:9, 15

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  1. love it! i am enjoying every single one of these!