Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wise Creativity

During these winter months the boys play a lot of indoor basketball and car racing. Yet recently, as the cold days drag on, they have been coming to me with the problem of BOREDOM.

I usually respond with a phrase I borrowed from my pastor,
"If you're bored, you're boring. Be creative, use your imagination."
Last night at the boys' soccer classes I witnessed something rather disturbing and what I will call,
Foolish Creativity

There were three 2nd or 3rd grade kids, probably dragged along by their parents, forced to spend their evenings watching their older siblings play soccer. They were visibly bored. After about 20 minutes of sitting on the bleachers, they got up and started playing. There were no toys or balls around, so they got creative.
They literally began playing a game where they would just kick each other as hard as they could. I'm talking high kicks to the face, low kicks to the shin, and everywhere in between. Cole was, of course, fascinated. They played this "creative game" for about 25 minutes and their parents said nothing about it even though ALL the other parents watched in horror as these kids came close to causing broken bones or bloody lips. 
A dear friend of mine has a five year old that I would deem,
"The brightest and most imaginative little girl." 
It doesn't matter where she is or what is happening around her, she will dream up some imaginative land and draw all those around her into it.  What a gift!  She uses wise creativity!  I bet she never has the problem of boredom.
I am reminded of the story in Luke 5 about the paralytic man.  His friends carried him on a mat toward a very crowded house hoping they could bring him to Jesus for healing.  But when they reached the house they couldn't find a way in because of the large crowd.  So, they got creative!!  They somehow got him onto the roof, cut a hole in it, and lowered him into the middle of the crowd...right in front of Jesus! 
I love this story for many reasons...but mostly for the WISE creativity shown by this man's friends when they were faced with a problem. 
I want my children to use wise creativity when problems arise in their life...even the problem of BOREDOM.  I also want them to tackle the problem head on and whatever solution they come up with, I want them to "do it with all their heart and might...working for the Lord, not for men." [Ecclesiastes 9:10, Colossians 3:23]
Join me as we pray this for our children today:
"Lord, thank you for giving us the ability to be creative.  Train my kids to tackle any problem, even boredom, with wise creativity like the friends of the paralytic man.  Empower them to face any problem with courage and to work at it with all their hearts and might...with YOU as their motivator and motivation. 
Luke 5:17-19
Ecclesiastes 9:10
Colossians 3:23

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