Monday, March 25, 2013

Honoring the Elderly

We spent the weekend celebrating my Grandma's 85th birthday
She is a very honest, loyal, and strong woman who loves Jesus.  Time and time again I've witnessed her generousity to others and her faithfulness to her family. 
My mother and her siblings did a wonderful job throwing Grandma a special party where all her friends and family were able to visit and celebrate her 85 years. 
Unfortunately, the night before the party my Grandma came down with food poisoning.  She had a difficult sleepless night and was very weak and tired the day of her party. 
If you've ever had food poisoning you know how it can knock you out and leave you depleted and so very weary.  Nonetheless, Grandma came to the party and made it through four hours of visiting with friends and family.  Bless her heart.
The next day one of my dear cousins had a wedding shower.  My Granmda was still very weak but insisted on going.  As we helped her get ready she was unable to comb her hair and asked my mother to help her. 
I was emotionally moved as I sat and watched my mother, her first child, tenderly comb through her elderly mother's hair.  She fixed a few loose curls, placed a curler on one side where the curl had gone flat, and double checked with Grandma that she was shaping her hair just as she liked it.  
It was a very simple but sweet moment between mother and daughter.
The whole weekend I witnessed moments like this where five children and many grandchildren HONORED my Grandma. 
I am reminded of the commandment in Scripture which calls children to "Honor your father and mother."  (Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 6:2-3) 
The Hebrew word in Exodus for honor literally means "to be heavy" with the added meaning of "to be impressive, renowned, great, noteworthy."  To be honored means "carrying a lot of weight."  
Thus, Scripture is reminding children that their parents are noteworthy and impressive AND that to give them honor means to place a heavy value and significance on them.
This weekend my Grandma was heavily honored by ALL her children through words and action.  The esteem and value her children have for her carried a lot of weight and thus, she was honored as one who is impressive, noteworthy, and renowned.
I can only pray that MY own children would obey Scripture and honor Keith and I in our old age.  And in the meantime, that they would honor the elderly by placing value on their lives (no matter how different or old-fashioned) by honoring them through words and actions.

Join me and pray the following:
Lord, May my children value the elderly all the days of their lives.  May they honor them with kind words and service-filled actions.  And may they be obedient to your Scripture and honor Keith and I in our old age.   

Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 6:2-3      

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