Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stupid and Foolish Arguments

Recently the boys have begun arguing about ridiculous things like:
  • Who drank all their water first.
  • Which matchbox car is whose (granted we have like 50 of them).
  • How many pretend basketball points one of them scored.
  • Whether their pretend cat is sleeping or eating.
In 2 Timothy 2:23 it says,
"Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels."

So often, the arguments I have to listen to between the boys ARE "foolish and stupid."  And like the Scripture teaches, they do end up in Grayden and Cole's case usually the quarreling involves wrestling on the floor.  Nonetheless, no matter the method of quarreling somebody usually finds themselves hurt physically or emotionally.

As a girl, I'm very familiar with foolish and stupid arguments.  I can remember arguing with the girls I went to school with about stuff that had little to no significance whatsoever. 
Those of you ladies reading know what I'm talking about.  The petty drama that girls seem to be magnets to...the arguing that sadly leaves emotional scars for life. 
I got into an argument in fifth grade with a girl because she told me by "bun" hairstyle looked funny.  I, of course, disagreed and thought my hair was fantastic and stylin'.  We fought for days about this and I hate to admit it, but even today I still can get angry thinking about it.  Stupid and foolish.

Girls are not the only ones, however.  Just yesterday I read an article about how Dr. Oz is getting sued by his male neighbor for planting trees in his backyard that apparently are blocking his neighbor's view of the New York skyline.  The article was filled with ridiculous statments from both parties that only fueled the foolishness of the argument. 
Not trying to take away from their supposed struggle, but I laughed reading the article because it highlighted two grown men arguing about something really silly.

The following verse in 2 Timothy, gives alternative behaviors to arguing.  Verse 24 says,
"And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful."

The three alternatives make very good sense to me
As Christians,
We must choose kindness over arguments. 
For kindness reflects God's love. 
We must choose teachability over arguments. 
For the ability to teach others truth through word and example is completely destroyed by arguing.  No one respects and learns from a hypocrite. 
And finally, we choose forgiveness rather than arguments. 
For a resentful heart fuels anger, bitterness, and pride.
Join me and let's pray the following over our children:
Lord, I pray that my children would begin to understand the futility of foolish and stupid arguments.  I pray they would mature to the point that they desire to have NOTHING to do with such arguments.  And I pray they would choose kindness, teachability, and forgiveness INSTEAD of quarreling.    

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