Tuesday, March 26, 2013

THE Real-Deal Superhero

Kids love superheroes. 
They love the movies, the books, the games, and the costumes. 
They love imitating their favorite hero's powers. 
And they love pretending to be saved and protected by their hero when worried or in danger.
I believe the fascination with superheroes stems from an inner desire to be safe and protected.
One of the my favorite Bible verses describes our God's superhero-like powers:
"Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings."  Psalm 17:8
FIRST, He guards us as one would guard his sight. 
The "apple of your eye" is a reference to the pupil, the most delicate part of the eye that is essential for vision.  Thus, God guards and protects us because we are essential and valuable to Him.
SECOND, we find refuge under the protective power of His love. 
"God's wings" represent power and are the spreadings out, i.e., the manifestations of His love, taking the creature under the protection of its intimate fellowship.  
The "shadow" of His wings is a metaphor for the eagle who covers her young from heat and danger.    Thus, God's "shadow" is the refreshing rest and security which the fellowship of His love affords to those, who hide themselves beneath it, from the heat of outward or inward conflict.
Maybe today or in the near future when our children are playing or talking about superheroes we can teach them this verse and show them how God is their real-deal superhero
If our children are drawn to these made-up, hollywood superheroes, how much more should they be enthralled and captivated by God Himself?
Join me as I pray the following today:
Lord God, you are GREAT!  I pray that you would give me opportunity to teach my children about your superhero-like qualities of love and protection.  I pray they would know and believe that they are the apple of Your eye and, thus you long to guard and protect them under the shadow of Your loving and powerful wings. 
Psalm 17:8 

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