Thursday, April 11, 2013

Created In God's Image

 It's always fun to think about WHO our babies look like!
Up until a few days ago, I was certain that Allie would grow up to look more like her daddy. 
Mostly because she looks so much like Grayden did at her age AND Grayden looks a lot like his daddy.
Allie 4 months
Grayden 4 months

But, then I saw a picture of Allie next to me at her age AND I saw a little bit of me in her. 

We can never be certain who our children will grow up to physically resemble. 
And frankly, it doesn't really matter. did bring a smile to my face when I saw her and my baby pictures side by side.
There is just something special about seeing one's traits reflected in one's own children.
It makes me wonder how delighted our God is when He sees His traits reflected in His own children...US.
After all, we ARE created in his "image," his "likeness."  Genesis 1:26
Thus, in Christ we have the divine ability to resemble the uniquely marvelous traits of our Creator.
I wonder...
Does He see His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in us?
Does He see His HUMILITY in us?
Does He see His FORGIVING HEART in us?
Does He see His RIGHTEOUSNESS in us?
Whether my children look like me or not, my deepest desire is that they would look like their Creator.
Join me today and let's pray!
God,  Each of my children are created in Your image and so I pray that they would grow to "look" like You.  I pray, that in them, You would begin to see Your love, humility, forgiving heart, compassion, and righteousness.  And I trust that you will find so much delight and pleasure in seeing Your children grow to look more like You each and every day.

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