Thursday, April 18, 2013

God's Love is Deep and it Endures

Four years ago today,

God gave us our Cole-Man.


What a blessing he is to our family! 

From his sweet affections to his silly humor, he brings us so much joy.

I can vividly remember holding him hours after he was born worrying that he would never feel as loved and special as his brother.  

Grayden was our firstborn, the first grandchild on BOTH sides, the first boy.  

Would I and the rest of the family be able to love Cole uniquely and just as deeply as the boy God already gave us?

In that moment, I lifted my eyes up to God and prayed...

"Your love is deep.  Your love never runs out, it endures.  Show me how to love my second son just as deeply and uniquely as my first."

Well...God has, in fact, shown me many special ways to love Cole.

But the one way that is most precious to me is through physical affection.

Cole is, and always has been, much more affectionate than his brother.

And love is deeply demonstrated to Him through physical affection...especially HUGS.

I told him once how special his hugs were to me and, ever since, he delights in giving me his BEST, most POWERFUL hugs.  

Literally he will back up, jog in place, bolt toward me, and with his arms open wide hug-pounce me! 

I love it.  He loves it.
It is our special thing.

We talk about and look forward to those moments when we are away from each other because our reunion always involves one of those deeply affectionate hugs.

God has given me a very simple but unique way to show Cole how deep my love is for him and how it will never run out.

I love the verses in the Bible that speak of God's love as being "deep" and "enduring forever."     

Ephesians 3:18 says, "And I pray that you...may have the grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ..." 

Psalm 136 repeats over and over again that, "His love endures forever." 

Any time those thoughts and worries I had for Cole when he was first born return, I find peace in knowing how unique God's love is in that He is completely able to love Cole as deeply as He needs and that His love for Cole will endure forever.

I will do my best to show Cole how much I love him. 
But I know that when I fail, God's love goes deeper than mine ever could and will never run out.

Happy Birthday Cole! 

Get ready for your's gonna be Knock You Off Your Feet good.

Friends, would you join me today in prayer:

Lord, I pray that my sweet Cole would experience Your loves so deeply and that it would satisfy His longings and needs to feel special and set apart in this world.  I pray that He would always trust and find comfort in knowing that Your loves endures, that it never runs out.  And like our hugs together, may he experience Your love in an affectionate and tender way. 

Ephesians 3:18
Psalm 136

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