Friday, April 26, 2013

Growing Up...Knowing Jesus Better and Better

I took Grayden to get his haircut yesterday because the kid's hair grows like a weed and he was starting to look like he was wearing a mop on his head.

When the stylist was finished and Grayden appeared before us I literally did a double take.   

His hair was clean, crisp, with a little spike in the front...
He looked so grown up!!

The rest of the night I kept looking at him and thinking,
"When did this kid get so old?"

Even Keith when he came home and saw him said,
"Is Grayden 16 or what?"

People have always told me one day I would look at my kids and wonder where did the time go. 

I know Grayden is only turning 6 next month, but WOW...
where DID the time go?

As he continues to grow up physically, my sincerest prayer is that he would also grow up in his relationship with Jesus. 

Unlike physical growth, spiritual growth is no guarantee.

Thus, as Colossians 1:9-12 says, I will NEVER STOP PRAYING for him asking God to fill him with the knowledge of His will through spiritual wisdom and understanding. 

And I will pray this in order that throughout his life he may do the following:

Live a life worthy of the Lord
Please God in every way
Bear fruit in every good work
Grow in the knowledge of God
Be strengthened with God's power in order to patiently endure all things 
Joyfully give thanks to God

The key to a growing relationship with Jesus is knowing Him better...becoming knowledgable about His will for our lives AND being given His wisdom and understanding for whatever life deals us and wherever life take us.

I do hope that Grayden grows to know Jesus better with each new day.

The other day, on his own initiative, he wrote a letter to God. 
The first line read, "I love you God."

So simple.  So precious. 

Oh  how I hope that he will never stop loving God and that, this love, would motivate him to know God better and better with each new day.

Join me today and let's pray the following over ALL our children:

Jesus, I pray that my children would continue to grow up spiritually.  I pray that You would fill them with the knowledge of Your will by giving them Your spiritual wisdom and understanding.  May their growing relationship with You enable them to live a life worthy of You, to please You in every way, to bear fruit in good work, to grow in their knowledge of You, to be strengthened with Your power, and to joyfully give thanks to You.

Colossians 1:9-12


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