Friday, April 5, 2013

Jesus made TIME for You

I am dedicating today's blog to my husband, Keith

It's his birthday tomorrow and so I've spent much of this week thinking about him. 


We spent 1st grade through college together.

It's been nearly 17 years since our first date and we are coming up on our 11th anniversary of marriage in July. 

He is my best friend and I have a sincere and deep respect for him as a husband and father. 

He is a loyal, humble, wise, and kind husband. 

He is a loving, fun, and active father who faithfully protects and provides for his children.

Grayden, Cole, and Allie simply adore him.

This week I have thought a lot about and am thankful for the TIME he gives our kids. 

I can only imagine after a 10-11 hour workday how hard it is to come home to noisy and rowdy children who demand your attention the moment you walk through the door. 


It would be easy for him to "shoo" them away, plop down on the couch, and take some "Keith" time. 

But that literally never happens. 

He steps in the door and gets right in the "game," so to speak. 

He engages them,
listens to them,
plays with them,
and teaches them. 


He makes no excuses; nor does he avoid parenting responsibilities. 

Grayden, Cole, and Allie matter to him and they KNOW it because of the TIME he gives them.

When I think about the TIME Keith give his children, I cannot help but think of Jesus and the TIME He gave children. 

Scripture teaches that when little children were brought to Jesus, His disciples rebuked the children. 

Basically, they tried to "shoo" the precious little ones away. 

But when Jesus saw this, he was "indignant."  Meaning, Jesus was having none of that. 

He then reprimands the disciples by highlighting the receptivity, trust, and faith of children...challenging all believers to imitate these qualities in one's relationship with God. 

And then comes my favorite part, He takes the children in his arms, puts his hands on them, and blesses them.  Mark 10:13-16

What a tender, powerful moment that had to have been for all those watching and for those precious little ones who He so lovingly spent TIME with. 

Jesus set the example. 

He was a busy man BUT children were valuable to Him.  He proved this by spending TIME with them.

I have shared with the boys on several occasions how blessed they are to have an earthly father who loves them and wants to spend time with them. 

Tomorrow, as we celebrate Keith, I plan to have this discussion again.  And I hope to go a step further and share with the boys how even MORE blessed they are to have a Heavenly Father who, like His Son, loves them and wants to spend time with them.

Join me and share the story of Jesus and the little children with your kids today. 

Tell them of how He fought for time with them.
Our children need to know that we want them to know a God who makes TIME for His little children. 

Join me and pray the following today:

Jesus,   I pray that my children would love the story of how You made time for litte children when you were here on this earth. I pray they would grasp the beauty of Your indignance toward the disciples and the tenderness of the time you spent with the children.  And I pray that they would truly know in their hearts that You long for and always have TIME for them as well.  I pray they would crawl into Your lap, allow Your arms to hold them, and listen to Your words of blessing. 
Mark 10:13-16 


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