Monday, April 8, 2013

Please God Alone

Our baby girl turns 1 today!
365 days ago, early Easter morning, God answered my heart's desire and gave us our girl...
Allison Renee.
As many of you already know, having a girl changes things.  

Poof...the house is 50% Pink, Purple, AND Floral. 

There are so many new and different concerns; so much to consider about our culture and society when raising a girl. 

Consequently, my conversations with God have grown longer as I lay these changes and concerns at the Throne and ask for guidance and direction for raising a girl.

One prayer I have found myself praying so very often for my little girl has to do with the topic of...

Whom She Will Strive To Please.

Our culture and society puts enormous pressure and a heavy burden on young girls and women to please, please, please everyone around them. 

We must look a certain way to please others.
We must act a certain way to please others.

For example, girls and women hear and see that... 

Outward beauty grants acceptance and love.  We will please others when we look good.

The female gender is particularly brainwashed to believe that if she accomplishes the goal of PLEASING others, she will be respected, happy, and successful.

This happiness and success is achieved when she pursues what I call a pleasing perfection;
by doing and having it all...
a professional career,
a husband,
hollywood-like outward beauty,
power and control...guised but with a fun and sweet personality,
and lots and lots of friends and people who like her.

If a girl doesn't aim to please, she gets a label...

Snob, Weak, Ugly, Stupid, Plain-Jain, Prude, Tease, Easy, B***ch, Homemaker, Homewrecker, Fat, Thin, Uptight...
the list goes on and on.

The LIES young girls and women believe these days are too numerous to count and sometimes too destructive to repair.

BUT, God's Word provides a way OUT for women from this life of pleasing perfection.

2 Corinthians 5:9 says,
"So whether we are here in this body or away from this body, our goal is to please him." NLT

Another version says, "We aim to please him." 

The mission of walking with Jesus is to please Him, and Him alone.  Everything and anything we do as young girls and women should be aimed at pleasing Jesus and no one or anything else. 

All of society's lies and pressures are meaningless, powerless when living to please Jesus.

As I celebrate Allie today I am praying that she would find freedom from the pressures of pleasing others and look to Jesus instead. 

I am praying that she would walk confidently with Him aiming to please Him, and Him alone. 

I am confident that as she studies His life on this earth and the many other liberating Scriptures for women she will find freedom from the pressures and labels our society wishes to burden her with.

Join me in prayer today:

Jesus, You never treated women as objects.  You never belittled nor devalued women.  You loved them in word and in action.  I pray that Allie would know and understand how you set women free in New Testament times and now Today.  I pray that she would make it her goal, her aim, to please ONLY You.  I pray all that she says and does would find its motivation and message in loving You with all her heart, soul, and mind.

Happy Birthday Allie-Girl!!
You are so precious to me.


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