Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Sweet, then Bitter, Taste of Sin

Grayden's preschool teacher bought each student one of these "Lick-It Cricket" suckers.

And yes!  Supposedly the cricket is edible. 

Grayden's "Lick-It" flavor is BLUEBERRY and his "cricket" is a SCORPION.

I've had many conversations with friends and family as to WHO would have the guts to actually eat the scorpion. 

We quipped that as one would reach the insides of the sucker, his sweet blueberry licks would start to be interprupted by say a leg or a tail.  

Eventually most of the sweet licking would end and all that would remain is the funky, crunchy scorpion. 

And we determined that, for most of us, one crunch of that scorpion would result in spitting, gagging, and vomiting.  Ha!

I couldn't help but compare the experience of this sucker to our experience with sin.

Initially, sin is sweet to the mouth BUT eventually it turns funky in our stomach. 

Job 20:12-15 says it perfectly:

"Though evil is sweet in his mouth
and he hides it under his tongue,
though he cannot bear to let it go
and keeps it in his mouth,
yet his food will turn sour in his stomach;
it will become the venom of serpents within him.
He will spit out the riches he swallowed;
God will make his stomach vomit them up."

Sin is hideous to God but appears sweet and attractive to our selfish nature and corrupt desires.

So, we taste of it.  

At first, the morsel of sin is sweet in the mouth and we might even hide it under our tongue to prolong the delicious enjoyment of it. 

Yet when it is swallowed, it turns sour and poisons our inner being. 

That which was sweet and delicious has now turned so repulsive and vile that we long to "spit" it out or "vomit" it up.

Like with the Lick-It Cricket sucker, our children mustn't be deceived by the initial sweetness of sin.  For just as the smooth blueberry licks turn funky-crunchy, so will the sweetness of sin turn sour and poison their hearts.

Join me today and let's pray that our children are not deceived by sin's initial sweetness.

I pray that my children are not blinded and deceived by the initial sweetness of sin in their lives.  I pray you would open their eyes to the poisonous venom it will be within them.  I pray they would strive for righteousness by tasting of Your goodness through faithful devotion to You and Your Word.

Job 20:12-15

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