Thursday, May 30, 2013

Uniquely Hand-crafted by God

"Mom, is there anyone in the world like me?" 

Grayden asked me this question in the car the other day and I've thought about it ever since.

It was such an honest and reflective question.

But had it been directed to someone else, who knows what the answer might have been.

Surely, there will be people in this world who will devalue and discourage our children, making them feel common or insignificant.

But there is not one of God's children who are common.

They (we) are each uniquely hand-crafted by the God of this universe.

Grayden's question was worthy of a thoughtful and honest response.  AND it gave me a perfect opportunity to speak Biblical truth and encouragement into my son.

My response went something like this:

Grayden, there is NO ONE just like you because...

You were created in God's be like Him. [Genesis 1:26]  And HE is valuable, worthy, righteous, and FULL of love.  So, as you grow in Your relationship with Jesus, He will make you more and more like himself. [Romans 8:29]

You were wonderfully made by God.  [Psalm 139:14]  I could not go into a store and find another YOU because God only made one of you.  You are unique, there is no other little boy like you.  So much so, that God's Word says you are wonderful.

You are valued and known by God.  You never have to be afraid that someone else will come along and replace you.  He knows you better than anyone in this whole world and you are worth so much to Him.  So much so, that He literally knows how many hairs are on your head. [Matthew 10:30] 

You have been given unique gifts to use for God's special plan for your life.  [1 Peter 4:10] 

ALL of our children need to know the answer to this question.

ALL of our children need to hear the encouraging words of Scripture that speak to their value and uniqueness.

Let's take time today to let our children know they AREN'T common, but rather that they are so incredibly unique and special both to us AND to the God who personally hand-crafted each of them.

Join me in prayer today:

God, I pray that my kids wouldn't feel common or insignifcant in this world.  I pray they would know and BELIEVE that You created them, in your image nonetheless, and that they are WONDERFUL.  And as a result, I pray they would trust that they are valued and known by You to the point of knowing how many hairs are on their heads.  I pray they would embrace the unique gifts You have given them and use them for whatever special plan You have for their life.  May they see themselves through Your eyes...a wonderful and unique creation, like no one else in this world.

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