Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are They Listening?

I already feel like my children sometimes tune me out when I'm talking to them.

This is rather sad considering they are only 6 and 4.

It isn't all the time, but it is happening and I can't help but wonder WHY?

Am I too overbearing?
Do I "preach" at them?
Am I harping and picking at their every move?
Am I so dull and "responsible" that in their eyes my words lack passion and life?

Or does it have very little to do with me but just the beginning of the boys individual expressions of will and rebellion?

I am not na├»ve to think that everything I say will matter to them OR that my words will carry the greatest weight in their lives. 

But, I do hope and pray that they respect and trust me enough to listen to and at least give consideration to the words I say...especially at such young ages. 

I don't want to be one of those moms whose children never want to "call" them because simply talking to "mom" is agonizing and just plain annoying. 

I don't want to have to turn hound-like and hunt my children down just to get a small glimpse into their lives. 

I don't want to be known by them as the 20 question queen who never stops nagging to know everything about their lives. 

I don't want to be the mom who never stops giving unsolicited advice about anything and everything. 

I don't want to be the mom who worries about every little thing and makes sure her kids hear all about each one. 

And I really don't want to hear about their lives from random strangers.

I want to know them personally. 

I want to have face-to-face conversations with them that can be fun, silly, crazy, serious, heartfelt, honest, or just plain casual.

I want to be a good listener, doing whatever it takes to understand them.

I want to be a safe and wise sounding board.

I want to trust God for the right opportunities to share thoughts or advice.

And most of all I want to be their greatest prayer warrior. 

I know that I can only attain these things IF I make every effort NOT to tune out God as I parent.

For His words will equip me in every parenting dilemma and His words will give me hope and comfort when I struggle to connect and communicate with my children.

In His Word He says,
"accept My words" [Proverbs 2:1]

"turn your ear to wisdom" [Proverbs 2:2]

"hear my voice" [John 10:27]

"trust" and "acknowledge" me [Proverbs 3:5-6]

let My words be a "lamp" to your feet and a "light" to your path [Psalm 119:105]

believe that My words will "profit you;" they will "teach, reproof, correct, and train you in righteousness" [2 Timothy 3:16]

I don't want my children to tune me out, but I really don't want them to tune God out.

For though I may think my words are valuable, God's are invaluable

His words will breathe life and hope into their every circumstance. 

His words will profit them in every way. 

But if they close their ear to Him, I cannot imagine the struggle that will ensue.

Let's pray!

God, I don't want my children to tune me out so give me wisdom and help me keep an open and strong line of communication with them.  But I REALLY don't want them to tune You out.  So I beseech Your throne today and ask that You would draw them to Yourself and to Your words that will only profit them.  I pray they would accept Your words; that they would turn their ear to Your wisdom; that they would hear Your voice in all things.  I pray they would trust and acknowledge You and allow Your words to be a lamp to their feet and a light to their path. And I pray they would listen and allow Your words to teach them, reproof and correct them, and train them in righteousness. 

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