Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blatant Rebellion

Hello friends!  In case you were wondering why there was not a new post yesterday, Keith and I just returned from a special trip with our second son, Cole.  We took Grayden on a similar trip when he was around Cole's age and decided then that we would take each of our children on a trip with just mom and dad before they turned 6.  We had a great time and there will be several posts in the next few weeks inspired by some of the trip's events.
However, today I would like to focus on an issue we are experiencing in our household quite frequently:  BLATANT REBELLION.

I can imagine many of you know what I'm talking about.

It is the in your face, "NO!" you hear from your child when they are refusing to be obedient.

It is the audacious "I'm going to do it MY way, not yours" type of behavior.

Unfortunately, we've seen our fair share of blatant rebellion in our 4 year old son Cole.

For example just the other day when he was told to help his brother clean up the basement, he replied with a rather angry, "No" and a simultaneous slap on my arm to ensure I understood he meant business.  Such lovely behavior. 

And when I firmly reprimanded him and told him he would now be cleaning up the whole basement by himself he shouted, "I'm not going to put anything where it goes."  This bout of blatant rebellion went on for over 2 hours.  Needless to say, it was an exhausting performance for him and one that I hope he remembers in the near future.

However, blatant rebellion is not always so in your face.  It can also be done in secret.

The following is my own pathetic example of secret rebellion:  I was a senior in high school and it was on a special day in which we were allowed to wear jeans to school (normally it was strictly skirts or dresses).  Rather pumped, I decided to wear my absolute favorite pair of jeans which were now several months old and worn. 

I happily strutted myself down for breakfast that morning where I bid my dad a good morning.  After a few moments under his protective father eye, he burst my happy bubble by insisting that my jeans weren't appropriate to wear.  He directed me back upstairs where I was expected to change. 

Like most teenagers I was not pleased with my dad's overbearing control [as I deemed it].  They were my favorite jeans so why shouldn't I wear them?  However, he argued that the hole in the butt that had recently appeared made the jeans now completely inappropriate.  I, of course, argued that the hole was small and barely noticeable.  He strongly disagreed.

So, I marched upstairs rather loudly and immaturely, and changed. But, I secretly stuffed those favorite jeans of mine into my backpack with EVERY intention of wearing them.

I left the house in modest attire that would please my dad, drove a mile down the street, pulled into a parking lot, and proceeded to change back into those jeans.

I wore them THE entire day.
And my dad never knew.

That, my friends, is secret rebellion.
But, blatant rebellion just the same.

In 1 Samuel 15:23 the prophet Samuel says to the very rebellious King Saul,

"For rebellion is like the sin of divination (i.e. witchcraft) and arrogance like the evil of idolatry.  Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as king."

Comparing rebellion and arrogance to witchcraft and idolatry underlines the severity of such sins, for to worship anything else but Yahweh God Himself is considered a very serious offense all throughout Scripture.

To blatantly rebel is to reject God.

Although my secret blatant rebellion was never found out, the Lord knew of it.  And my rebellion toward my father went against what I knew Scripture taught and so my rebellious act was also done against my Heavenly Father.  Like Saul, I had rejected the word of the LORD which called me to obey my parents. 

Knowing in my heart I had done wrong, I did eventually confess and repent.  And the grace and forgiveness of Jesus redeemed me.

Yet even with the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus, our children must grow to understand that blatant rebellion is a dangerous game and one that can surely leave them on the losing end. 

For it is a blatant rejection of God and will push them further from God and His will for their lives; further from His heart and His desires. 

I cannot bear this thought.

Join me today and let's pray..

Today, I pray that my children would begin to understand the danger of blatant rebellion against You.  May they see how it is a blatant rejection of You and Your desires for their lives.  I pray You would use their rebellion against us as parents to teach them the crippling consequences of rebellion.   But as they learn, may they find grace and peace in the forgiving arms of Jesus.  And I pray they would learn to resist the temptation to blatantly rebel and rather choose humble obedience that reflects a sincere devotion to and worship of You alone. 

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