Friday, June 28, 2013


by Leah

My cousin Leah wrote four guest blogs and sent them to me about  a month ago.  Today's post is the last of the four.  I cannot thank her enough for giving us a window into her praying heart for precious Madison, the young girl she mentors.

And I'd like to thank ALL of you for continuing to pray with me daily for the children in our lives. 

God is good.


Back again! With more stories of Madison. If you've yet to read about Madison, you can catch up by reading Curious, Sassy McSasspants, and Ditching the One-Dimensional God.

Our best conversations happen when it's just Madison & me in the car. She's not distracted by my possessions in the house, focused on food, or intent on impressing my husband with her antics.

It's just me, her, and the open road. (Well...and whatever trinket she stuffed into her pocket after school. Trash to most of us—treasure to Madison.)

One of the deepest conversations we've had lately started off with a confession.

Madison wanted me to know that she struggles with stealing.

The gravity of her addiction does not escape her. As I said in previous posts, she's terrified of being arrested or even reprimanded by police.

From her body language and tone of voice, I expected her to say she'd been stealing money, iPods, and pretty coats.


"You steal pencils?"

"Yeah, and erasers. You know how sometimes if you don't have a pencil, you might be embarrassed to ask the teacher for one, so you might steal it?"

You like how she switched the pronouns so that I'm now the thief? This was the moment when I tried to make sure she couldn't see my smile in the rearview mirror.

We actually had a great conversation about God, forgiveness, repeating our sins, praying when temptation knocks, etc.

Still, Madison doesn't totally get it.

She hasn't yet grasped the truth the Paul writes about in Galatians:

Gal 5:1
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Though she's progressing in the right direction and tells me she hasn't stolen since our chat, Madison is still shackled by her past.

She is well aware that her biological parents made some mistakes that landed them in jail.

She sees that some of her siblings struggle with stealing (much bigger items than pencils).

And she knows her own imperfections.

The logical conclusion in her eleven-year-old mind is that she is tainted by all of these familial sins. They are part of her, and she's not quite sure how to shrug off the "yoke of slavery".

Freedom is a great word.

We often associate it with America and other good things.

But the freedom of Christ is on a whole other playing field.

It's total. It's precious. It's deep and complete.

And I want Madison to know that freedom and the peace of mind it brings.

Let's pray the following for the kids we love:

God – I just love you. Thank you, thank you for setting me free. Give my kids an awareness of their sins and an understanding that your freedom trumps those sins. May the peace of your freedom give rest to their little minds, and may it eradicate any guilt that plagues them. May they know true repentance, sweet rescue, and total freedom as they "stand firm" and refuse to be "burdened again by a yoke of slavery". Amen, Lord.

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