Friday, June 14, 2013

GUEST BLOG: True Satisfaction in God Alone

by Jenna
Today we are blessed to hear the praying heart of a new friend in my life, Jenna.  Although I haven't known her for long, I DO know that she loves Jesus and longs to see her children do the same. 
I heard a lot of it as my preschooler, Sera, finished school a couple of weeks before her sister, Keely, a second grader:
"Why does she get an end of school party while I'm still doing homework?"
I heard it when Keely got invited to a sleepover party while Sera remained at home:
"Why does she get to go to a sleepover and I don't?"
And I definitely see it in both their actions and attitudes around birthdays, as they watch their sibling get all the attention and gifts.

I have explained to Keely countless times that when she was in preschool, she got to do all those fun preschool things and now it's her sister's turn.
I have likewise attempted to explain to Sera that one day she'll be older and be able to do the things her sister is currently doing.
And I have definitely tried to get them both to understand that they each get one birthday every year, no more, no less, and that their sister does not get hers more often.
Despite the resounding logic that neither of them is getting shortchanged, it always seems to fall on deaf ears

And I think, how often do I fall into the same trap, comparing myself to those around me and wondering whether I'm getting as good a deal in life as them?
It's so easy to become dissatisfied with our current place and complain to God that someone else out there must be getting something better.

It's comforting to know that even Jesus' disciples had this failing on occasion. 

Take Mark 10:35-45, for example. Two of the disciples, James and John, requested the most honored places to the left and right of Jesus in heaven. Jesus wisely did not reveal to whom these places would be given, but when the other disciples heard of James and John's boldness, they were indignant. They, of course, wanted the top spots, too! 

Then, in John 21:20-23, as Jesus devotes such sweet one-on-one conversation to Peter following his resurrection, Peter still cannot help but succumb to the curiosity of comparing himself to John. "Lord, what about him?" he asked.

In both cases, Jesus draws his disciples gently back to what should be their sole focus: Himself.
In Mark, Jesus reminds the disciples that they must not seek to be above others, but to serve, as the Son of Man came to serve.
And in John, Jesus asks Peter what does it matter what His plans are for John, breaking it down to the simplest of statements: "You must follow me."

God desires our focus to be upon Him and upon developing our relationship with Him and in Him.
He does not desire that we waste our energy comparing ourselves with one another, longing for that which others have, or attempting to judge what others do (or do not) deserve.
He wants us to seek Him and Him alone for satisfaction with our lives.

Join me in prayer for our children today:

Lord Jesus,
I pray that my children would not look to others with continual longing for that which they do not have, but would seek and find their satisfaction in You and You alone. I pray that they would not compare their position in life with that of others, feeling themselves superior or even inferior, but know with certainty that they are exactly where You have lovingly placed them. I pray that they would not succumb to the temptation to judge what others deserve, but would simply follow You in faithful obedience, knowing that You will provide for them everything they need.

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