Monday, July 22, 2013

Heed The Spirit's Warnings

Have you ever seen or heard warning signs and disregarded them?

Have you ever ignored common sense?

And as a result, that bad thing which you KNEW could happen, did happen.

This describes my evening yesterday in a nutshell.

Keith and I attended his work's 10th anniversary party.  The party was held at a metropark inside a beautiful building looking out onto the city skyline.

We parked our car at the front of the parking lot entrance where we had the furthest to walk (we were a little late).

In a hurry to leave the house, I had taken a second (smaller) purse in the car with me and transferred to it a few of the things from my everyday (and much bigger) purse. 

I didn't want to carry around my bulky everyday purse the whole evening...would've cramped my style.  However my wallet wouldn't fit into the small, and rather impractical, purse so I left it in my everyday one.   

Before exiting the car I looked down at my everyday purse and the warning signs started flashing:

Renee, you are parked on the end of the row...easy access for a quick getaway.  Find a way to take your wallet in.  Or put your everyday purse in the trunk..OUT OF SIGHT.

I even said to Keith,
"Should I bring my wallet in or do you think it's okay to leave it here."

And being the trusting, obviously naive, people that we are, we both concluded I could leave my everyday purse on the passenger seat floor WITH MY WALLET IN IT, in plain sight, and all would be fine.

So incredibly, STUPID.

And I imagine you can guess the rest of the story. 
As we left the party three hours later we arrived at a busted passenger's side window with my everyday purse still sitting on the floor but WITH NO WALLET IN IT.

Oh I was so mad at myself.
I knew better.
I had disregarded the warning signs that went off in my head.
I had ignored what I know to be common sense.
And what I KNEW could happen, DID HAPPEN.
Stupid, Renee....STUPID.

We spent several hours canceling credit cards, filling out police reports, calling insurance companies, cleaning up know the drill.

And as we drove home and I sat in the back seat with the wind blowing on me from the broken window, I prayed.
I prayed a lot of things.

And like He always does in my life, God used my stupidity to teach me a spiritual lesson

just like in this case where the warning signs were there...
so it is with SIN. 
Lately, you've disregarded the Spirit's warning signs against sin in your life. 
You've ignored spiritual common sense.
You've sinned with FULL KNOWLEDGE of its harmful consequences. 
And what you KNEW could happen, DID happen.

And then He plainly reminded me of the Holy Spirit's role in my life,

The Spirit is my "Counselor." [John 16:7]
The Spirit guides me "into all truth." [John 16:13]

When I disregard the warning signs of sin and foolishly ignore my spiritual common sense...I am disregarding and ignorning the Spirit of Jesus in my life. 

And when I ignore The One given to me with the purpose of counseling and guiding me toward that which is truth...I am being REALLY STUPID.

So, I laid in bed last night well aware of two lessons learned...

1. Heed warnings and listen to common sense when it comes to personal safety.

2. Heed The Spirit's warnings and listen to His counsel when it comes to sin in my life.

Join me today and let's pray our children learn these lessons as well...and maybe before they make a stupid mistake.

I pray my children will have common sense in this world.  I pray they will heed warnings for their safety and for the safety of their possessions.  And more importantly, I pray they will have spiritual commons sense.  I pray they will heed the Holy Spirit's warnings and listen to His counsel when it comes to sin in their lives.  Help them to follow His guiding into all truth.  Help them to avoid sin's consequences by doing what they know to be right in the first place.

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