Friday, July 12, 2013

GUEST BLOG: Resting IN Christ

by Cara
Today's blog is written by a woman that I have deep, deep respect for as a mom and as a follower of Jesus.  Cara is one of the most genuine and humble moms I know.  I watch her parent and see Jesus all over everything she does.  It is frankly an honor to call her my friend.
Cara has four children: Abree (6), Blake (4), Jena (2), and Tyler (1).
I pray you are blessed through her words. 
And as always, thank you for joining me each day as we, together, pray for our children!
A few months ago Tyler (my one year old) was really sick with Scarlet Fever. All the kids were sick, but he unfortunately had it the worst. It's the kinda sick that sent all kinds of anxious thoughts through my mind and heart when I would lay him down in his crib.

Will his temperature spike again?

Will he try to cry for me but I won't hear him?

How long will he have to endure this sickness?

Tyler woke up one morning around 3am and his temperature was 103.5.

I started running a cool bath for him. Putting him in the bath caused him to shriek and cry. I decided to get in the bath with him to help console him and not wake the entire house. As I am in the cool bath holding him and praying for him, Tyler fell asleep on me. His fever broke and he lay there so comfortable and in a deep sleep.

I was brought to tears with a sense of relief and thankfulness to God. Tyler was now experiencing such comfort. He was able to relax. He went from shrieking out of control to asleep in my arms.

Sitting there with Tyler, I was reminded of how much I need to find rest in Christ.

I so often find myself running wild doing all the "ought to's" of the Christian life that my walk with God gets pretty sick. I am doing a lot, but feel sooo disconnected from Him.

It sometimes creates a sense of panic in me and I often find myself trying to do even more to feel connected.

I try to pray more... I start studying the Bible harder... I act more joyful or loving... I journal longer... memorize more scripture...

I become eager and excited to do all these things, but then still often feel distant.

I FINALLY come to a point where I realize that I am trying to will myself into producing spiritual fruit and feeling connected to God.

I fail to yield to the Spirit and allow Him to do a good work in me. I am not resting in Christ and remembering the power of the Gospel and its transforming grace.

It is only when I remind myself of the promise in 2 Corinthians 3:17-18, stop my striving, and allow the Spirit to transform me that I feel connected, more loving, joyful, peaceful, and patient.

When I focus on passages like Romans 6:1-4 that remind me of what Christ has done for me, everything else seems to fall back in place. The "good deeds" and "ought to's" no longer hold as much weight and they become a form of worship rather than a path to get to God.

The question is... how often do I stop, rest, and focus on Christ?

Will you join me in praying for our kids?

I pray my children will find total rest and freedom in Christ.  I pray they will not fall into the patterns of this world of people pleasing and striving, but rather I pray they will rest in the truth of the promises that they are completely forgiven, perfected, and reconciled to God through Christ. I pray that I, as their parent, would live according to this truth in my own life. AND that I could help communicate these truths to my kids and not put the "ought to's" ahead of resting in Christ's unconditional love.

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