Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Yesterday at dinner the boys and I were talking and I found myself having to say on several occasions, "Don't be rude."  There was burpring, interrupting, and ill-mannered words being spoken.

So I began a lengthy & demonstrative conversation discussing...Rude versus Respectful

I discovered very quickly that they did not really understand what being rude or respectful even meant.  We've studied in depth together the LOVE verses in 1 Corinthians 13, so I first gently reminded them of what God's view concernig the topic is:


Then we began acting out scenarios in which we demonstrated rude vs. respectful behaviors in hopes they would begin to understand the meaning behind these words.

We interrupted a conversation.....RUDE.
We patiently and quietly waited until a conversation was over before we asked our question or added our two cents....RESPECTFUL.

We demanded more water...RUDE.
We politiely requested more water....RESPECTFUL.

We shoved each other aside to get up the stairs first...RUDE (and dangerous).
We patiently waited and walked behind one another while humbling accepting second place...RESPECTFUL.

We ran by an elderly woman (me) all crazy-like...RUDE.
We very carefully walked by the old woman with consideration of her age and frailty...RESPECTFUL.

This went on for 20 minutes or so. 
We acted out lots of scenarios.

And in the end, I think they actually began to understand the meaning behind both of those words.

I spent the remainder of dinner praying that God will help my children (and myself) choose RESPECTFUL behaviors rather than RUDE ones.  

For this is a good lesson and habit to learn early...cause I know a lot of 30 somethings who needed to be part of our acting scenarios and discussion.  Can I get an AMEN?

Join me today and let's pray our children LOVE with respectful words and actions.

Your love is never rude.  I pray you would equip my children with Your wisdom and understanding to be able to discern HOW to be respectful with their words and behaviors.  I pray they would recognize rude behavior and avoid it's addicting grip.  I pray they would love others with respectful actions and words; with a heart full of humility and grace.

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