Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

THE DAY has arrived.
A day I'm certain I will never forget.
At 8:05, Keith and I will take Grayden, our firstborn, to his first day of Kindergarten.

My heart is torn between sadness and joy. 
I tear up even writing these words. 
Today is tough for me.

And my mind has hundreds of thoughts racing through it.
Many of which wish this day wasn't here yet.

However, there is one thought in particular that keeps rushing in like a flood:

"Please Jesus, keep him near, hold him close.  Lead him. Empower him.  Be his everything." 

For those of you sending older kids off to school again, you may laugh a little at us newbie Kindergarten parents.  Yet, I'm sure you remember

You remember the reality that the TIME IS HERE and your precious little baby is growing up and ready to enter "the world." 

A world where you will slowly lose more and more control. 

A world where your voice is set up against countless others.

A world where your baby must learn to thrive and survive on his/her own. 

A world where you must trust that the God who created the ends of the earth, who can measure the waters in the hollow of His hand, who never grows tired or weary, and whose understanding no one can fathom is with your sweet baby every little Kindergarten step he takes.  [Isaiah 40]

This, my friends, is the truth that I cling to this day. 

I will survive today because my faith reminds me that Grayden is His.  I receive strength in knowing that my GREAT God loves Grayden more than I do.

Yet, I still feel drawn to pray protection over him.  Specifically, that he would NOT be deceived by anything or anyone that sets itself up against the knowledge of his GREAT God.  

The "world" is full of enticing pleasures and ideas that are contrary to Jesus and His teachings.  Grayden will have to face them, sift through them, and make a willful determination to trust them or to trust Jesus

At the end of Romans, Paul urges the believers to be cautious about people and ideas that are contrary to Jesus and His teachings.  His words of caution are my words of caution for Grayden as he enters "the world."  

Romans 16:17-19
[the italics are my own personal changes]

"I urge you, Grayden, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teachings of Jesus that you have learned.  Keep away from them.  For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites.  By smooth talk and flattery they may attempt to deceive your innocent mind.  I am full of joy over your obedience to Jesus thus far; but I want you to become even more wise about what is good, and even more innocent about what is evil."

While I know that ultimately it will be Grayden's choice to trust Jesus, I still feel pressed to bring this concern to God...to lay it at His feet...and to ask that He would be greater than any obstacle or person who will inevidably attempt to deceive and steer Grayden away from trusting in Him.

So join me today and let's cover our school-age babies in prayer as they head off into the world!


I find sustaining comfort in being reminded that You are the God of this universe.  I rest assured knowing that if you can measure the waters of this earth in the hollow of your hand then You are more than GREAT enough to hold my children close as they head off to school.  I am strengthened, knowing that You can be (if they let You) their endless hope as they enter this everchanging and often, godless world.

I pray that they would be cautious to teachings that are contrary to Yours.  Would you give them discernment to sift through those ideas that are smooth and full of flattery?  And may all that remains be Your truth.  I pray they would keep away from and avoid those people whose ideas serve their own appetites rather than Yours.  And I pray that my children would grow wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil.  May their wisdom for good help them to serve You faithfully.  And may their innocence of evil keep them from the painful entanglement of sin.

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