Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Don't you love how every so often God renews our parenting perspective by giving us a GREAT moment with one of our kids?

I needed a moment like that with Cole and yesterday, God gave it to me...and I didn't even ask Him for it.  Praise Jesus He knows my every need!

THE moment:  Cole made a joke and it was hilarious. I literally keeled over in laughter. 

It was a short and simple moment.

But it was enough to make me stop and look at Cole with refreshed eyes. 

Enough to remind me of how incredibly special and awesome he is. 

Enough to make my heart rejoice over him and to then thank God for him.

The rest of the day with Cole had its typical, difficult moments BUT I went to bed remembering the GREAT one!!!

And to add to God's goodness, I woke up this morning remembering part of one of my dreams last night in which Cole told me a joke:

"Knock, Knock," he says in the dream.

"Who's there?" I asked.


"Orange who?"

"Orange you glad I'm your kid!"

God is awesome.  I woke up smiling because, in less than 24 hours, He had given me two great "moments" that renewed my parenting perspective on Cole.  And Yes, Lord!  I am so glad he is my kid.  Thank you for him.  Thank you.

Do you have days where you desperately need a GREAT MOMENT with one of your kids?

Is there a child in your life that you need a renewed perspective on?

Friends, Jesus knows your every need. 
I encourage you to ask Him and then wait, with patient expectation, for that "moment."  Believing that He is faithful, choose to trust that He will give it to you right when you need it. 

Today I feel led to pray Philippians 1:3-6 (with my emphasis) over my children.  This prayer of thanksgiving expresses perfectly how my heart feels this morning. 

Won't you pray these words with me and rejoice over & express your thankfulness for YOUR own precious children? 

Lord Jesus,

I will thank You every time I remember my precious childrenThey are THE three best gifts you've ever given Keith and I.  In all my prayers for them, I will continue to pray with joy because of their partnership in the gospel from the first day you gave them to me until now.  And Jesus, I am confident of this, that You began a good work in them from the moment they entered this world and You will carry it on to completion until the day of Your return!!!

Yes Lord!  Continue your good work in my children.  Carry it on.  And as they grow and learn more and more about You, may our faith create a joyful partnership together!! 

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