Friday, August 2, 2013

Safe & Secure in Christ

Allie has this little stuffed elephant that she sleeps with 

and would take everywhere she went if we let her.

He comforts her.
And its obvious that he gives her a sense of security when she's scared or alone.
She holds him tightly.
She snuggles him and plays with him.

It's really sweet.

And when we have to take him away, it's quite hard to pull him from her grasp. 
She clings to him and cries out. 

Man.  That is exactly how I want my children to feel about Jesus.

Join me in prayer today,

I pray that my kids would love Jesus so deeply that they want Him to be with them everywhere they go.  May they be "strong and courageous" in Him as they trust in the promise that He IS with them "wherever they go." [Joshua 1:9]

I pray that He would be their lasting source of comfort.  I pray they would feel safe and secure in Him.  "When the cares of their hearts are many, may Your consolations cheer their soul." [Psalm 94:19]

I pray they would always "set the LORD" before them and know that they can never be shaken by this world because "He is at their right hand."  He is their sustainer and protector. [Psalm 16:8]

I pray that they would NOT fear but would cling to Him tightly and NEVER let Him go knowing that He is their "refuge and strength," their "ever-present help in trouble." [Psalm 46:1]

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