Monday, August 19, 2013

Talking To God

As my children grow older and spend more and more time away from home (and me), I often long for them to return from wherever they've been and TALK TO ME.

I want to hear about their experience.
I want to know the ups and downs.
I want to answer their questions.
I want to be part of their lives as they grow more and more independent.

As Grayden heads off to Kindergarten tomorrow and Cole to Preschool in a few weeks, one of my rooted fears is that they will cut me off from this part of their lives.  That when I ask, "How was your day?"...I'll get some generic response like, "Fine." 

Now I'm realistic (and not too controlling), I don't expect them to tell me every single detail about their day.  But I would love to hear about the important stuff.  The stuff that matters to them. 

If something funny happened, I want to laugh with them.
If something awesome happened, I want to rejoice with them.
If something frustrating happened, I want to encourage them.
If something scary happened, I want to do what I can to calm their fears.
If something confusing happened, I want to help them sort it out.

I've taken this concern, or fear, of mine to the Lord on several occasions in the past few weeks.  And every time I have felt like He responds with, "I get it Renee."

Because although God CAN see everything that happens in my children's lives and is always with them, He too longs for Grayden and Cole to TALK TO HIM.

He longs for them to pray to Him all the time.
[1 Thessalonians 5:17].

His hope is that they would be completely devoted to Him through prayer.
[Colossians 4:2]

Instead of bottling up emotion and allowing fear to boil within them, He so desperately wants to hear about their fears and grant them His outstanding peace.
[Philippians 4:6]

His heart's cry is that they would pray to Him on all occasions and with all kinds of prayers and requests. 
[Ephesians 6:18]

So although I still desperately want to hear from their own mouths about their life away from home, I've found myself praying first and foremost that my boys would actively and continually pursue communication with God

Because there is this peace that washes over me when I think about them talking to God. 

One result of this blog is that I know firsthand the strength, wisdom, and peace that He gives when we talk to Him. 

And as I've spent 7 months diligently praying for my children, I know with even greater certainty that He is the best parent my children have. 

Unlike me, He always has an answer. 
Unlike me, He loves them unconditionally and never loses control. 
Unlike me, His grace and forgiveness are enough. 
Unlike me, He knows exactly how to discipline them. 
Unlike me, He sees their every strenth and has a perfect plan for them. 
And unlike me, His strength is sufficient in their weakness. 

So today, let's pray that our children talk to God often.

I love the following quote about prayer.  I find myself praying its words over my children:

Natural ability and educational advantages do not figure as factors in this matter of prayer; but a capacity for faith, the power of a thorough consecration, the ability of self-littleness, an absolute losing of one's self in God's glory and an ever present and insatiable yearning and seeking after all the fullness of God. E.M. Bounds

Yes, Lord!  I pray my children would insatiably yearn and seek after all Your fullness by praying to you often with great faith.  I pray they talk to You on all occasions and with all kinds of prayers and requests.  May they talk to You about their fears and questions, their highs and lows, their successes and failures, about it all!   And no matter how much of it I actually get to hear, I will put my trust in You because You are their greatest source of knowledge, hope, love, and grace.    


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