Friday, August 16, 2013

The Start of School


I asked my friend Nichole if she would allow me to basically cut and paste a post that she wrote and published on her blog, onto my blog.  A little blog swap-a-roo!  She wrote about her second child, Hannah, heading off to Kindergarten. 
As I've thought about Grayden heading off to school next week, I've struggled with how to put into words my heart's cry for him.  I read Nichole's post and her words deeply resonated with my own heart.  I firmly believe they will resonate with many of you as well.  So today's post is for all our kids as they head off to school, no matter what their age!
Some quick background on Nichole.  She and I became friends 11 years ago.  Both newlyweds, we had a Bible Study together with several other couples for the first few years of marriage.  They moved away shortly after that and we haven't seen each other much since.  However, thanks to Facebook we are still able to have a window into each others' lives. 
She is quite the woman and she loves Jesus.  She and her husband Paul have three children: Owen, Hannah, and Madeline.  If you would like a little more background or information on Nichole, you can visit HER blog Raising Royalty. 
by Nichole 
Note to Hannah

Last year at this time Owen was heading off to Kindergarten.

And now, following on his heels, Hannah is heading off to Kindergarten this year.

lthough I am having similar feelings that I did last year, they do vary a bit. Obviously I've done this before. Second child syndrome perhaps, but the trepidation of sending Hannah into something new isn't as extreme, especially since she gets the same wonderful teacher that Owen had last year.

But I still have that concern of sending her off into a classroom of peers. It brings back all of my own feelings of inadequacy, and wanting other to like me, and trying to find my place among all the other kids.
As I've said in another post, we often focus on making sure our kids find their value in God's eyes, and not in another human's favor. It seems like they get it.They get it in the safe, comfortable place of home.

But I think of all those unknowns for Hannah, those things that I went through that I really don't want her to experience. I don't want to see her hurt. I cringe of thinking of that day when someone verbally tears her down for something that at one point she cherished about herself. Causing her to doubt everything about herself that at one time seemed so sure.

I want her to be equipped with the knowledge that I have now, after having gone through it myself.

But truthfully, those lessons are often learned through personal experience, and not because someone has told you.

You are a treasured child of the King. The world is going to tell you that you are going to lose, but take heart - THEY DON'T KNOW THE RULES.
Don't take it personally when some kid makes fun of your quirky clothing choices or the stuffed animal that you brought in for show in tell or call you some name that brings tears to your eyes. They only call you that to make their own selves feel better. There is something about you that threatens them. And by calling you out on your 'lameness' somehow makes them feel like you are back to their level.

I want you, Hannah, to be sure of yourself, knowing God has created you as a unique individual, with unique qualities and tastes. The best person you can be is YOU, not an imitation of someone else.

People's valuation of you should not matter, only God's valuation of you should.
Measure yourself by his ruler, by His Word, not by the measuring stick of your peers.
Love God, show others God's love, despite their actions toward you. Remember, you don't need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends that you can be certain of.

There will always be someone richer, cooler, smarter than you. That's just life. But there will also be others who are poorer, wallflowers, back of the class. That's life, too. But God doesn't play favorites and you shouldn't either. Treat each peer as an equal, someone who is loved by Jesus, and in need of Jesus' love.

THIS is what I want you to know before you go to Kindergarten, Hannah. It would save you a world of heartache. But I know you, like me, will have to discover this for your own self. I can only hope you figure it out sooner than I did.

 You are so excited to start school and I love your excitement for learning. May it continue to grow and to motivate you to learn more, not only about your world, but about others, about God, and about who you can be for Him.
To all of you who have kids going off to school, no matter their age, will you join me in prayer?
God, I pray that you would be with Hannah today as she heads off to her first day of school. I pray that she would know that her value does not lie with other people’s opinions, but her worth lies in You. You are what gives her worth, and that is something that she can never lose. You promise to us that there is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. And that the power of your life giving Spirit has freed us from the power of sin (Romans 8:1-2). I pray that Hannah may be aware of Your love for her and your desire to see her live for You.

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  1. Thanks, Renee! You are quite the woman, too :) I value our friendship, although it's done from miles away!