Friday, September 6, 2013

A Lucky Charms Inspired Prayer

 Lucky Charms.
The best cereal on the planet!
Well, at least in my opinion it is.

Once in awhile, I splurge and buy a box.
It's usually trouble for me because I could literally eat a bowl for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; as well as for snack in between.

Turns out Grayden loves them just as much as I do.
We bought a box a week or so ago (it lasted for literally 3 days before it was empty) and Grayden was lucky enough to eat the last full bowl.

When finished he said (and I quote):  "Mom, I wish I could somehow keep the taste of Lucky Charms in my mouth forever because it tastes so good."

I laughed and agreed.

It would be incredible to have that ability.  Yet, the more I thought about it I couldn't help but think that eventually the same great taste in my mouth day after day would begin to lose its sweetness.  Too much of any goodness can ruin its appeal.  If Grayden and I never got the taste of Lucky Charms out of our mouths we would likely eventually become disgusted by its flavor.

This is true for so many "good" things in life.
Moderation is key.

But not with God.
There is no need for moderation when it comes to partaking of Him.

Psalm 34:8 says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good." 

Psalm 119:103 says that His words are, "sweeter than honey to my mouth!"

Psalm 64:5 says that when we seek God our soul "will be satisfied as with the richest of foods."

That one simple statement from Grayden about Lucky Charms has inspired me to pray that he would deeply DESIRE GOD.  Specifically, that he would desire to keep the taste of Him in his mouth forever---daily partaking of His goodness and His sweet words.  AND, that his soul would be fully satisfied by Him as with the richest of foods, like Lucky Charms!

Join me in prayer and let's pray that the taste of God's goodness never leaves our children's mouths and that they would desire more and more of Him.

As my children grow in relationship with You and begin to experience all of Your goodness and sweetness, may they desire You more and more.  Like the richest of foods, may partaking of You fully satisfy their souls.  As they study Your Word, may each word be sweeter than honey to their mouths.  And as they taste of Your goodness in life, may they long for more of You.  I pray they would hunger after You with a deep and fervent desire!

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