Friday, October 25, 2013

GUEST BLOG: Unavoidable Flaws & Undeserved Redemption

written by Leah

My cousin and friend.  A godly woman full of wisdom.  She is pregnant with her first child!!  God is good.  May her words and prayer speak to all our hearts.

My husband and I are having our first child in March. This journey to parenthood has not been without struggles, grief, and God's comfort and sweet presence. I am not so much excited and squealing about this baby as I am wholly content, quietly joyful, tears-in-the-eyes grateful.
As we hit the halfway point in the pregnancy, I find myself pondering everything about this baby's life. I've wondered what Baby will inherit from me and what from Nate.

Sometimes these thoughts verge on trivial…I'd like Baby to have Nate's red hair or my curly hair. I don't want him/her to deal with acne, as both of us have. I hope Baby is drawn to the library, to evening cuddles on the couch, to walks in nature. I want he/she to love being passed around from person to person, to be flexible with late nights and loud worship music. These things are a huge part of our lives, and it'd be nice if Baby just jumped right in without putting up a fuss. (You mothers are laughing at my idealistic hopes, I'm sure.)

But sometimes, sometimes, my hopes for Baby are anything but trivial:

 Please don't let him/her be so easily annoyed and mouthy, like I am.

 Lord, can you just let him/her skip over the mistakes of adolescence, of teenage years, of college years?

 God, sometimes I'm so prideful. I don't want that for Baby.

 Please God, no sexual sin or abuse. No bondage to anything that is not of you.

Nate and I are opposites in many ways, and I'm sure this child will be a mix of our personalities and quirks….and flaws. God has been reminding me that faults and mistakes and bumps in the road are inevitable, but that He is a God who hands us victory, healing, and comfort.

When I look back at the stupid things I've done in the last 29 years, they seem trivial in light of His cleansing forgiveness. It will not be any different for my baby. There will be beauty in watching God redeem my child from his/her sins, in seeing Him refine Baby's flaws into gorgeous character traits.

God, we pray Jeremiah 24:6-7 over our kids. Just as you promised the people of Judah, I pray that you will also give my children a heart to know you. I pray they will be your people and you will be their God. No matter what sins they stumble into and what mistakes lie in their future, may they return to You with all their heart so that you can build up what has been torn down in their lives and so you can plant what has been uprooted. Watch over them for their good, God. Thank you for taking care of and "fixing" them in ways I can't. Amen.

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