Monday, October 28, 2013

CAMBODIA: THE Special Number

Hello Friends!  I will be writing about Cambodia this entire week.  I wrote a post last week while I was there, if you'd like to read it as well click on Loving & Caring for the "Least of These"  

I hope you will stop by daily to read about the unforgettable spiritual journey I had for the past 10 days as I was half-way across the world.
Coming home is bittersweet.  Sweet to hold my children in my arms again.  Bitter to be miles away from the orphan children of Cambodia who are now dear to my heart as though they are my own. 
I begin with a tribute to them.
"Special Number" so to speak.
All week I was pegged the "Special Number" member of our team.
In case you've forgotten this popular 80's church lingo...I was in charge of "special" music "numbers." 
I imagine my singing songs with the orphans our first night there had a little something to do with this.  As a result, the local Cambodian missionary couple Chetra & Vadna (who I will be writing about later this week) asked me often, "Will you do a Special Number?"
The team and I joked the remainder of the trip about my "Special Numbers."
I led a few "Special Numbers" during worship at the Life Center (orphanage and school) church service on Sunday. 
Meagan (another team member) & I led a "Special Number" by the name of "If You're Happy and You Know It" at each village we spoke to (approximately 1500 people total). 
About a dozen orphan girls and I choreographed a "Special Number" dance to the song "Shout to the Lord." 
And THE most rewarding "Special Number" of the week I happened to video tape on our last day at the Life Center.  It is comprised of a beautiful rendition of the song Bless the Lord performed by many of the older orphan children.
Had I known I was going to be leading so much singing, I'd have taken a few voice lessons prior to leaving.  Ha!  I do love to sing.  And I guess I can sort-of carry a tune.  Yet I consider singing to be more of a hobby than a career AND I plan to keep it this way here at home.
However, traveling half-way across the world because God told me to didn't leave room for me to wimp out OR refuse jobs Jesus laid at my feet.  So when the pegging of "Special Numbers" came to me, I thought "What the heck!  Here I am God.  Let's do this."
Turns out all these music numbers were a tremendous blessing to me on so many levels. 
Especially the one you are about to see and listen to.
You see, listening to another people and nation of children sing praises to God will leave you speechless.  It will fill your soul with unexplainable joy.  It will ignite a stronger, more fiery, love for our wonderful God.  And it will invite & bring the presence of God like you've never seen before.
God inhabits the praises of His people.
And what else could be as Precious In His Sight as the scene you are about to see.
I showed my kids this video yesterday. 
Grayden recognized the song immediately.  He saw kids half-way across the world praising the same Savior he praises.  And he couldn't help but start to sing along as he watched. 
Oh how I wish he could have been there to watch and listen to these beautiful orphan children unashamedly sing praise song after praise song to Jesus. 
Children whose parents are dead.  Children whose parents had to give them up because they loved them so much and simply couldn't provide for them.  Children whose parents have abandoned them for inexplicable reasons.  Even children whose parents are in jail for committing horrendous crimes (3 siblings watched their father kill their mother with a machete).
Yet, without excuses, they sing!
With no inhibitions they praise.
With great faith they worship.
And with unashamed and humble hearts, they are absolutely precious IN HIS SIGHT.
Theirs are hearts and voices that my kids can learn from & sing along with.
For as Psalm 117 so perfectly proclaims, God's greatness reaches across continents and is so worthy of praise from ALL people.

"Praise the LORD, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. 
For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.
Praise the LORD."
So today, for all of you reading this,
I pray you are blessed beyond measure as you watch this video.  I pray the voices of these children singing praise to God will ignite in you a new and pure heart for worship.  I pray their beautiful sound of praise to God will deepen your desire to unashamedly sing praises to Your God no matter where you are.
And for our children, I pray they will see these children and desire to join with them in song and praise to their GREAT God.  I pray they would learn to praise their God with no inhibitions.  I pray they would fearlessly and unashamedly  proclaim the praises of their God to the ends of the earth.  And I pray their sweet, little voices praising God would be precious in His sight!

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