Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Look At Envy

I've blogged about envy before.  But after over 200 posts, I'm bound to repeat myself.  So let's take another look and let's pray another prayer!

Friends who cheer for you, never showing envy or selfish gain from your accomplishments, are such true treasures in this life.

A friend posted this quote on her Facebook status and it struck a
cord with me.  Recently I've seen a good deal of envy and selfish gain oozing out of my kids.  Like an infected wound, envy seeps from them.  This envy gives off a foul stench and it's downright ugly.  Sorry for the gross mental picture, but you get the point.

Just the other day I was praising Cole for being able to do something and literally as I 'm talking Grayden begins to talk over me saying, "I can do that too."


On another occasion Cole was teaching me something he learned in school and as he's talking Grayden began talking loudly over him teaching me the exact same thing.  I gently asked him to be quiet and let his brother talk.  His response, "I know that too."


Allie has envy fever too.  I picked Cole up yesterday to comfort him and as I'm holding him in my arms, Allie stands at the bottom of my legs cry-screaming with her hands held up to me (she was completely fine before I picked him up).  I held Cole for a few minutes and she screamed and cried the entire time with hands held up pleading for me to put Cole down and pick her up.  


Even Cole, who seems to be caught in the middle, smells of envy at times.  He has been known to  misbehaves or stirs-up-trouble simply for attention when and while Grayden is receiving praise or accomplishing something.  


And let's be honest friends, we aren't envy-free.  We've got some ugly, smelly, and oozing wounds too.  How often are we jealous of another's good looks, their friendships, their accomplishments, their financial situation, their husband, their well-behaved & "gifted" children, their HGTV homes, and even their relationship with Jesus.


Here's the trouble with ENVY:

"A heart at peace (content) gives life to the body, but ENVY rots the bones." 
Proverbs 14:30

In other words, a man that envies the happiness and prosperity of others, this preys upon his own spirits. And not only wastes his flesh, but weakens and consumes the stronger parts of his body, the bones; it is as a "moth" within him.  Envy makes his life rotten to the bone.

Scripture also teaches:

"For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice." 
James 3:16

In other words, envy leads to trouble and sin.

And like my friend's quote infers, people who are envious are generic (and sickly) friends.  One whose life is rotting, who has trouble, and who is caught up in sin cannot be a treasured friend to another.  Envy destroys friendships.

I admit there are times I struggle with envy.  And I've admitted that my children struggle with it as well.  So, what's the answer?

Simply stated:  The answer is a heart content in Jesus.

Only when we allow Jesus to fill our every need, are we free from envy.  Only when we allow Jesus to define us, are we free from envy.  Only when we allow Jesus to rule our hearts and minds, are we free from envy.

Jesus is the answer to our ugliest of envy wounds.  

Friends if you or your children are infected with envy, join me in prayer today and let's ask Jesus to teach us contentment in Him.

An envious heart rots the bones.  Envy leads to trouble and sin.  And envy destroys friendships.  I pray these truths would permeate my heart, as well as my children's hearts today.  Would you enable us to see how ugly and foul envy truly is!  I pray you would teach us to be content in You.  Specifically, may my children find their every need in You.  May they be defined by You and You alone.  And may You rule in their hearts and minds, freeing them from the ugly grip of envy.  I pray you would protect their friendships from envy and selfish gain.  May they be true treasures to the friends in their lives, cheering for the accomplishments of others with a sincere, contented heart in You.

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