Friday, November 1, 2013

CAMBODIA: Final Thoughts

I could probably write another week of posts about Cambodia.  About all the little, yet treasured, moments that I will remember with fondness. 
Surviving 2 flat tires in the heat of the afternoon.


Getting the van stuck in a deep rut and watching local, village Cambodians come to the rescue of 4 crazy American girls.

 Watching little orphan girls dance for Jesus at Sunday church (a form of worship I am very familiar with).

Experiencing firsthand the orphans' delight as they played with their new toy, THE parachute.

Spending 10 days with women I love and respect.

Sitting up with the orphans in the evening talking about a little bit of everything. 

Demanding Janice catch the lizard in my hotel room.

Playing Vocable (aka Scrabble) and getting BEAT by Moto & Champion.

Smiling and waving goodbye to the village children as we left their villages.

Seeing Nicole's vision come to fruition AND crying alongside her at the realization of how GREAT God is.

Exploring a floating village.

Eating rice, rice, and more rice.

Opening multiple letters every day from friends & family saturated with words of hope and encouragement.

Talking politics & economics with a teenage orphan boy.

Laying in bed at night in awe of Jesus' love for Cambodia.

There are so many more of these treasured moments.  Moments I will always remember.

But THE most treasured moments.  THE most unforgettable pictures ingrained in my mind are of the hundreds of hands lifted up when asked,

"Would you like to pray and accept Jesus into your life?" 

There is no greater joy than seeing the hearts of God's children come to Him.  For me, true happiness came in watching hundreds of Cambodian men, women, and children pray and make Jesus the Lord of their life.  Because to encounter Jesus, is to encounter LIFE.  Hands-down...These Life-giving moments take the cake!

As I end my last Cambodian post I want to pray for these new believers.  And my prayer is rooted in an excerpt I recently read from a commentary about Isaiah 40:4-5:  [In reference to Jesus & what His life and death on earth accomplished]
The verse reads:
"Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.  And the glory of the LORD will be revealed and all mankind together will see it.  For the mouth of the LORD has spoken."

The excerpt reads:

"If you have ever seen anything of the glory of the Lord, you will want to see it again;
if you have ever felt the presence of Christ, you will want to feel it again;
and if you have ever known what his power can do, what his blood can save you from, and what His Spirit can in a moment produce, you will want again and again a renewal of this heavenly blessing so that you may have firm and solid evidence of your saving interest in the love and blood of the Lamb,
have every guilty doubt and fear chased away,
and your whole soul filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory!

This is my heart's cry for each and every Cambodian who raised their hand and prayed to Jesus.  Oh that they would want to see, feel, and know Jesus again and again AND again.  And with each renewal of this heavenly blessing, that their whole soul would, in fact, be filled with joy unspeakable.  AND that their Jesus encounter would have a ripple effect around them, revealing the glory of Jesus to whomever they meet.

Thank you for stopping in this week to read about my Cambodia journey.  Thank you for praying alongside me for this precious nation. 

And as always, thank you for joining me daily in prayer over the children in our lives.

Jesus, I pray that, like so many Cambodians we met, my children would encounter You today.  I pray they would see Your glory around them, feel Your presence in them, know firsthand what Your power can do, what Your blood can save them from, and what Your Spirit can produce in and through them.  And as they encounter You may they long for more and more of you.  I pray they are compelled to want to see, feel, and know You again and again.  And I pray each and every encounter would more firmly establish You as the Lord of their life.  May each encounter chase away every fear and doubt. And may their whole soul be filled with joy unspeakable each and every moment they catch of glimpse of Your glory!!!

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