Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NO Peace for the Wicked

Today's blog is a little dark.  However, like me, I hope you find comfort in what God has been teaching me.

After reading, hearing, and seeing the horrors of sex trafficking I am even more devastated by the abundant amount of evil people in this world.

And I've asked myself, how do the men (and women) who traffic young girls live with themselves?

How do the customers of this rotten trade sleep at night having eaten of the fruits of such wicked labor?

God, is there peace for the wicked?

The answer is NO.

But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud.  "There is no peace," says my God, "for the wicked.  Isaiah 57:20-21

This verse promises there is no rest, NO PEACE, for the wicked:  

Their minds are restless: "The minds of the wicked are restless, being perpetually hurried and tormented with their own lusts and passions, and with the horror of their guilt, and the dread of Divine vengeance due unto them." (Poole)

Their hearts are tormented:  Like the mire and mud from the bottom of the sea cast upon the shore, so are the hearts of the wicked men.  Their hearts have nothing but the mire and dirt of sin in them, casting out nothing else but the froth and foam of their own shame, blasphemy against God, and malice against His people.  

I do not find joy in knowing the wicked will never have peace.  But I do find comfort.

The ugly truth is that we are ALL sinners.  And like the tribe of Judah described in so much of Isaiah, many of us will have seasons in life where we are consumed by "sinful greed."  Yet, God promises to "revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite" Isaiah 57:15.  In other words, those who return to God with humble repentance WILL receive mercy and forgiveness.  The wicked needn't live with such unrest, IF they turn from their wicked ways God promises PEACE.  

However for the wicked who continue in their wickedness, God promises NO REST.  Their minds will be restless and their hearts will be tormented for as long as they are consumed by their "sinful greed."

While this truth is comforting, it is also a truth to be heeded.

I will never have peace while engaging in "sinful greed."  My children will never have peace while engaging in "sinful greed."  God's grace clearly keeps our minds and hearts restless in sin SO THAT we turn to Him.

My prayer today is that my children would find comfort in knowing the wicked have no peace.  And furthermore, that they heed this warning and repent from sinful greed so as to avoid a life of unrest in which their minds and hearts are continuously restless and tormented.

I take no joy in knowing the wicked in this world are without peace.  Yet, it does bring me comfort as I mourn those who have been victimized by the wicked.  I pray my children would come to understand and find comfort in this truth.  And I pray they would heed this warning and repent from sinful greed so that they avoid a life of unrest where their minds and hearts are continuously restless and tormented.  May they return to You with a lowly spirit and contrite heart and receive Your abundant mercy and tender-loving forgiveness AND find peace for their hearts & minds.

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