Monday, December 9, 2013

Everyone's A Critic

I grow tired of the trend nowadays where people seemingly find delight in critiquing everything and everyone.

Any chance they have to spat out their opinion on someone else, they take it.  It's trendy to go on rants about what one thinks about whatever and whomever.  And the wittier and funnier our rants are, the more "likes" and "followers" we get.   

This past Thursday night, NBC aired a live rendition of the famous classic, The Sound of Music.  Before the show even began people were weighing in, critiquing the choice of Carrie Underwood as Maria.  During the live show, using different forums of social media, people began judging her performance with opinionated words that could make a sailor blush.  And then after the three hour show, the waves of social media went crazy with critiquing, critiquing, and more critiquing.  People who have never sung or acted in their lives were weighing in and judging Carrie's performance.  And frankly, the critics were just downright cruel.  

Honestly, my heart broke for her.  People were heartless, cruel, and so unkind in the opinions they freely spoke.  Her good looks, talent, money, and fame couldn't protect her from these cruel critics.  Their words had to have pierced right to her heart.

Now I understand that we all have opinions.  And there are absolutely appropriate and necessary times to voice said opinions.  However, so many people disguise cruelty in a personal critique.  In other words, when giving one's opinion there is free reign to say whatever one likes even if its tears another down because it's, "just my opinion!"

Everyone's a critic AND about everything.  It's a lifestyle, an attitude that permeates all areas of life.  We often times don't even realize we are critiquing because its become such a natural tendency.  If someone says or does something, we critique.  With judgmental, hypocritical hearts we spat out cruel critiques whenever we feel like it.  And we don't really feel bad about it.  

Whatever happened to being positive and encouraging.  We've lost the ability to be generous and life-giving with our thoughts and words.  Pride and the disturbing delight we find in giving our opinions have turned us into full-time critics.  

I am guilty of being a critic.  And I absolutely am disgusted when I catch myself critiquing rather than building someone up.  

I don't want to be a critic.  

I want to be one who encourages.  I want my response concerning others to be one of humility and kindness.  I want to think about others with thoughts that are "excellent and praiseworthy; pure, lovely, and admirable." Philippians 4:8  

I want to be "wise in the way I act" toward others.  I want to "make the most of every opportunity" with life-giving thoughts and words.  I want my conversation to and about others to "always be full of grace, seasoned with salt."  Colossians 4:5,6  

And "with all humility and gentleness" I want to be "patient and bear with others in love." Ephesians 4:2 

And I desperately want this for my children.  I fear they will jump on the "Everyone's A Critic" bandwagon and become enslaved to judgmental thoughts and words.  I worry they will so enjoy hearing their own opinions, that they will become cruel critics of everything and everyone.

Will you join me today and let's pray for our kids!  

I pray my children wouldn't join the "everyone's a critic" bandwagon.  I pray they would choose to love rather than critique.  I pray they would think about others with thoughts that are excellent and praiseworthy.  I pray they would be wise in what they say and how they act toward others.  Help them to make the most of every opportunity by speaking life-giving words about others.  May their conversations about others always be full of grace.  Teach them to be humble and gentle; to be patient and to bear with others in love.  May they care more about sharing Your love with others than with spatting out their opinions.    

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