Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's Just Food

Before I begin, I feel it is important to clarify what this post is NOT about. 
It's not about dieting. 
It's not about weight. 
It's not about eating disorders. 
It's not about nutritious versus non-nutritious foods, nor it is about organic versus non-organic foods. 
Yes, all of these topics are legitimate and important topics in relation to food. 

However, today's post is solely about the control food can have on our minds and hearts

I've always been thin.  In grade school I was literally a bean pole.  In junior high and high school, I was a bean pole with acne.  So some might find it weird, even obnoxious, that I'm writing a post about food. 

Please don't misunderstand me, I fully recognize that I do NOT know what it is like to significantly struggle with my weight and nothing that I write today insinuates that I do.  I would never dream to compare myself to any individual whose struggle with food has direct correlation with their weight.  Just like I find it extremely insensitive (and obnoxious) when an individual with very nice skin complains to me about a single pimple on her face.  She doesn't get acne, just like I don't get low metabolism.

But please understand something:  In my experience, the issue of food and its control on an individual's mind and heart has become an epidemic across the body weight spectrum.  People of all different shapes and sizes can have an unhealthy mind and heart relationship with food.

While I have never significantly struggled with my weight, I am being openly honest in sharing that I have (and do) struggle with food and its control over my mind and heart.  Like so many individuals, I think about food too much.  I prescribe it to cure my boredom.  I seek comfort and refuge from it when I'm emotionally vulnerable  And, at times, I give it too much control in my everyday living...to the point that it dictates my highs and lows.  Simply put, at times I give food god-like control in my life.

Does this make sense?
Can you relate?
Have you personally struggled with giving food too much control over your mind and heart?
Recently, I felt the Lord breathe a new wave of grace over me when it comes to my personal struggle with food.  As I've asked Him to rescue me from food's control He has spoken one simple morsel of truth: "It's Just Food Renee."

In those moments of temptation to put food on the throne, I'm clinging to God's truthful message:

"Yes, food nourishes your body.
And yes, food satisfies your physical hunger.
But it's still just food.

Food cannot satisfy your hunger for companionship.
But I can.

Food cannot satisfy your hunger for happiness.
But I can.

Food cannot satisfy your hunger for rest and relaxation.
But I can.

Food cannot satisfy your hunger for relief.
But I can.

Food cannot satisfy your hunger for fun.
But I can.

Food cannot satisfy your hunger for purpose.
But I can.

Food cannot nourish the deep, dark places of your feeble soul.
But I can.

Let me renew your mind so your thoughts about food are realistic, logical, true and pure.
Release back control of your heart to Me so that you can love Me fully, without distraction or competition.
Food is food.
But I am God. 
The Creator of this universe. 
The Giver of life. 
The Merciful Father. 
The Source of all grace, hope, and love.  
I am everything you need all wrapped up into one. 
I can perfectly satisfy you. 
I can wholly nourish you.
My daughter, this is My gracious reminder:
It's Just Food."

It's easy to make something powerless a god in our lives, especially when we are hurting, disappointed, weary, experiencing difficulty, or even bored.  The trouble is that when we release control over to something that is powerless to help us, the enemy gets a foothold and uses it to enslave our minds and pervert our hearts to his lies and trickery.  

And thus, like the Romans, we exchange the truth for a lie:

"They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator..." Romans 1:25 

Once we've exchanged truth for a lie and given something control in our mind and hearts, its tough to get it back.  We can spend years in therapy and never find freedom.

But I believe that with Jesus ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  I cling to the power of the gospel in my life:

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."  Galatians 5:1

If food has control over you, will you join me in approaching the throne of Jesus and asking Him to rescue us and set us free?  Friends, let's fervently pray for a breakthrough.  Let's exchange the lies of the enemy for the truth of God's Word.  Let's remember God's gracious message to us, "My children, It's Just Food."

And let's pray for our kids and their relationships with food.  If you are like me, you deeply desire for your kids to remain free from food's ugly control of their minds and hearts.

Lord Jesus,
For me, I ask for freedom from food and its yoke of slavery over my mind and heart.  Give me the strength and wisdom to stand firm against food and its deceptive control in my life.  May I know Your truth so that I am not deceived to believe any lies about food.

And for my kids, I ask You to fill their minds and hearts with Your truth about food.  May they resist the temptation to release control of their minds and hearts over to food.  Through Your Spirit working in them, may they be empowered to stand firm against the enemies lies regarding food.  May they trust You with food and would you graciously remind them that when it comes to food, 'It's Just Food.'  I pray food would remain in its rightful place in their hearts and I pray You would be their ever present hope in times of trouble.

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