Monday, January 5, 2015

GUEST BLOG: The Armor of God

Erin, a friend I have great respect for wrote the following blog.  Her prayer is powerful!  Join us in faithfully praying for our kids!


Becoming a parent has made me desperate ... More desperate than I've ever been before. Desperate for more sleep, for more time by myself, desperate for a date with my husband, for some peace and quiet. I'm desperate to eat dinner at a normal pace, to take a shower or use the restroom without a visitor.  But more than anything, desperate for The Lord.

My oldest started kindergarten this fall. She loves it.
But she came home this week with news of a bully. It started out that the girl called her names and accused her of doing silly things like cutting inline or wearing "ratty" clothes. Through the lens of a kindergartner it's hard to know what's really going on so I encouraged her and helped her come up with strategies. Then yesterday the bully girl stole my
sweet girl's lunch. Enough is enough.

She sobbed today when I dropped her off. She never does that. So I held it together and then cried on my way home. I sat at my kitchen table, Bible study in front of me and just cried.

"I'm desperate Lord, my baby is getting picked on."

"I'm desperate Lord, I need to trust you to go before her - that you'll fight for her."

The study I am working through reminded me today that The Lord is a warrior (Exodus 15) and also the God of peace (Romans 16).  I didn't realize how desperate I am to actually believe this truth.

I certainly want this situation to get better and I'm doing the right things to get there with her teacher but I also know this is a war.  It's been won, thank you Jesus, but the enemy is battling for me and
for my daughter.

When I read Renee's post a little while ago about how she prays for her kids at school, specifically their protection, I was pressed by her sharing and my situation to begin praying the armor of God in
Ephesians chapter 6 over my kids.  I've prayed this for myself, but realize how important it is to pray it for them as well.

Pray with me.

Gracious Heavenly Father, you have no grandchildren.  These beautiful babies you've blessed us with are Your children, just as we are.  And
just as they come to us for help, look to us for protection - so we come to You.

We pray that our children would be strong in your power, putting on Your full armor every day.  We know this is a battle that is mostly unseen.  We pray they would wear Your truth around them as a buckle,
with the breastplate of right relationship with you guarding their hearts, their feet on the solid ground of your peace.  We pray their faith in You would be a shield in front, above and behind them - to
protect them when the enemy shoots something their way.  We also pray they would guard their mind with Your salvation.  Thank you that You are Savior.

Lastly, we pray they would be so in love with Your Word that it would be their weapon - what they use to fight back with.  We pray we'd teach them Your Word now and that it would be gathered up in
their hearts.  And we pray they would love also to talk with You about everything, no matter the situation.

Jesus made it so clear that You want to give us good things, even more than we as parents can imagine (Luke 11).  We cry out to You.  We are desperate for Your wisdom in how to parent, but also desperate to
trust in You.  Thank you that Your word promises that if ask for anything, that you give it to us because you are quick to give, want to give and are also a gracious giver (James 1). 

In Psalm 139, you tell us that you hem us in, in front and behind.  Wrap Your arms around our children today.  Teach us to equip them with Your armor so they are prepared.  And don't let us veer from keeping our eyes fixed on You, praying constantly.  We know the best thing we can do is live a life that points them to You.  Help us do that.  We  are desperate.  We love you.

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